My undergraduate degree in Environmental Science had a strong emphasis on chemistry.  It was there that I first found an appreciation for the role that acids and alkaline bases play in our world.

The pH scale (which ranges from 0 - 14 where 7.0 is neutral water) helped me understand that whenever the body is out of balance there can be deteriorating effects.   The page on this website titled Alkalizing the Body illustrates this pH scale.  When you view this page you will see that chemical burns can result on either side of the pH scale.

Because of our poor eating habits, especially in the western world, a condition known as acidosis is quite common.  Acidosis occurs when we are eating a high percentage of acid-forming foods such as animal proteins, alcohol, coffee, white sugar, processed foods and cooked foods.  Acidosis is also referred to as inflammation.

Any condition with the ending "itis" is an inflammatory response accompanied by pain and swelling.  Examples of this are: arthritis, bursitis, colitis, cystitis, hepatitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis and nephritis.  Taking pain medications and anti-inflammatory steroid medications only serve to dull the inflammation.  They do not address the underlying cause of the problem.

When we start to alkalize the body with ripe, organic, living foods these conditions tend to lessen, and over time, in conjunction with healthy lifestyle changes, they can be reversed all together.  This basic concept is incredibly difficult to comprehend at first in our pharmaceutical world where "there is a pill for every ill" but it just boils down to basic chemistry.

The holistic approach of Vibrant Health & Wellness is simply to clean the obstructions out of the body while alkalizing and strengthening the body to enhance the function of the cells.  When this occurs, vibrant health can be achieved.

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