Healing occurs in the body when the body is given specific foods and herbs which promote alkalinity.  These are foods which leave an alkaline residue in the body as opposed to an acidic residue. This residue, also known as ash, is different than the actual pH of a food.  For example, lemons are acidic outside the body but leave a desirable alkaline forming residue inside the body as a product of how they are metabolized.  Dairy, on the other hand, is alkaline outside the body, but leaves an acidic, unwanted mucus-forming residue inside the body. Alkaline forming foods include all raw fruits and vegetables and their juices.  These foods serve to cleanse the body and remove accumulated poisons and toxic wastes from the body.

While I advocate eating a diet high in organic, alkaline forming, living foods, the importance of a transitional diet cannot be underestimated.  Clients are given support and guidance based on their past and current eating and lifestyle habits. I will help the client remove processed foods out of their diet and suggest whole food substitutes for their favorite foods.  I encourage clients to make these diet and lifestyle changes in a way that helps the changes become a natural part of their daily lives.  The changes are reinforced as the client experiences the positive benefits of cleansing.


The Vibrant Stairway to Higher Levels of Health represents the various levels of diets and their effects on overall health.  Deeper detoxification can be accomplished as a person gets to the higher levels.  It is very important to move slowly up and slowly down the stairway.  The only exception to this transition is when a person is deeply ill and needs to move to the higher levels to overcome a serious diagnosis.  Professional supervision is advised in these circumstances.