As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® practitioner I offer clients a variety of lab tests.  These labs are processed by Bio Health Diagnostics in Los Angeles, California and Oxford Biomedical Technologies West Palm Beach, Florida.

Functional Lab Testing focuses on hormones, the immune system, digestion and detoxification.  Test results help to identify specific malfunctions and hidden internal stressors.  This process allows the practitioner to provide sound recommendations, guidance and natural therapeutic protocols to help the client’s body return to a healthy, balanced state. 

In my practice, I predominantly use five lab test kits to investigate the root causes of dysfunction.  All test kits come shipped with everything you need.  Simply follow the instructions and drop the kit off at any Fed Ex location.


BH #205 - Functional Adrenal Hormone Profile

This lab is used to assess the function of your adrenal glands and hormonal balance.  Saliva samples are taken in the morning, noon, afternoon and evening.  Results show cortisol, DHEA, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone and melatonin levels.

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BH #101 – Metabolic Assessment Profile

This lab is used to measure the bacterial breakdown and assimilation of protein, oxidative stress and free radical damage as well the liver is functioning.  A single urine sample will show levels of indican, lipid peroxides and urinary acid sulfates.

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BH #304 – Intestinal Barrier Function Test

This lab is used to assess the integrity of your digestive system.  A single morning saliva sample is all that you need to provide.  Results show balance of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, antibodies to soy, wheat/gluten, cow’s milk, eggs and corn.  The BH #304 also shows if there is a yeast imbalance and if your immune system is responding appropriately to an infection.

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BH #401H – GI Pathogen Screen w/H. Pylori Antigen

This lab is used to detect the presence of ova and parasites such as protozoa, flatworms or roundworms.  It can detect cryptosporidium parvum, Entamoeba histolytica and Giardia lamblia antigens as well as bacteria, fungi (including yeasts), occult blood and Clostridium difficile colitis toxins A and B.  Five stool samples and one smear sample are required to be taken over a four day period.

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LEAP MRT 150 Food Sensitivity Screen

This lab is used to test sensitivity to 150 foods, chemicals and additives.  The test specifically identifies the foods that are causing inflammation and/or an immune system response. Blood samples are required, and this is the only lab that cannot be done at home.  You will be provided with a test kit that you will take to a hospital or other blood drawing facility to have the vials filled.

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