Why I Chose Breast Thermography Instead of Traditional Mammography

As I got closer to 40, I started thinking more about preventative care.  The thought of getting a mammogram was not pleasant.  I had no desire to experience the pain of a mammogram and the idea of radiation exposure also made me nervous.  When I met Donna Tomey of Thermography First in south Florida I was convinced that thermography was a much more sensible way to go.  Donna is an amazing woman who reversed her own breast cancer using diet and lifestyle changes.  Donna showed me this chart and I have been having annual breast thermograms ever since.


So what is thermography?

Thermography is digital infrared imaging. Using a highly sensitive, thermal imaging camera, heat and temperature differences can be detected from the surfaces of the breasts.  

I prefer thermography because it: 

  • Can detect benign cysts, tumors, fibrocysts, infections and other conditions
  • Can detect inflammation and thermal/vascular changes that occur with tumor development
  • Is non-invasive (nothing touches the skin)
  • Is radiation-free
  • Is compression-free
  • Is pain-free
  • Is preventative
  • Has been FDA approved since 1982 used in conjunction with ultrasound technology to safely monitor both structure and function
  • Has been evaluated for its effectiveness in over 800 peer-reviewed studies