I want to acknowledge some very special people who helped me on my healing journey.  Their support and guidance was priceless to me.


To my dear husband - thank you so very much!  Thank you for caring for me when I was sick, for driving 100 mph to get me to a restroom during my darkest hours, for encouraging me when I wanted to give up, for letting me spend unlimited funds to get well and for helping me find and learn new information.  Most guys would have run for the hills but you are truly one of a kind.

I must acknowledge my sweet Wheaten terrier for helping me believe that healing is possible.  Seeing the incredibly positive changes in his skin, coat, belly, ears, paws, energy and mood helped me understand the power of healing raw foods, detoxification and cellular regeneration.  Special thanks to my friends Kim & Rich at Animal House of Distinction for sharing their extensive knowledge and their recommendation of the Bravo Raw Diet.

To my amazing family and friends - thank you for standing by my side, encouraging me to get well and supporting me in my career as a Holistic Health Coach.  I spent hundreds of hours learning information to heal myself but also to help you heal yourselves.  There is nothing better than seeing the people you love thrive. 

Special thanks to the raw goddesses: Kristina Carrillo-BucaramAnnette Larkins, Dara Dubinet, LaShanda Green, Rosanne Calabrese, Karen McCarville and Megan Elizabeth McDonnell.  Your internal and external beauty is an inspiration to all. 

And finally last but certainly not least, I owe a big hug and world of gratitude to my mentor Robert Morse, ND.  Stumbling on your YouTube videos in January of 2012 was one of the most vitally important moments in my life.  After watching more than 850 of your videos I think I finally get it!  Thank you for giving your heart and soul to educate and inspire the fortunate people who are privileged to hear your messages.